All About The Golden Foxtail

Growing up in the Cotswolds has given me a deep love for the local wildlife, plants and flowers. As an avid ultra runner, much of my free time is spent exploring the local trails, running through fields and woodlands, past rivers and ponds and enjoying the hidden history of the local area.

It was on one such run in Spring 2020 that the idea for The Golden Foxtail was born.

I wanted to share my love for our stunning countryside, plants and flowers with everyone.

With a background in wedding cakes and award winning floral sugar craft I knew that I could create lifelike sugar flowers but I wanted something that could be shared with everyone.

The cold porcelain flowers that I now create are my way of capturing the beauty of fresh flowers and bringing those delicate blooms to your home to be admired for years to come.

I specialise in bespoke wedding flower keepsakes and botanical art work, providing framed bouquets and flowers for many different events and milestones. As each flower is made by hand, I am able to recreate flowers from many years ago, making this an ideal way to celebrate and enjoy the flowers of seasons past.